Workplace Lessons from the Pandemic: The Pathway Forward

Building on learnings from the pandemic, business leaders discuss how workplaces and workplace cultures need to evolve to enable employees and businesses to thrive in the new/next normal. Date and Time: 30 April 2021 9:00-10:00 AM UTC+8 (Singapore/Manila) Guest Speakers: Rick Smith, Phd. Professor, John Hopkins University Evelyn Kwek, Managing Director, Great Place to Work® […]

HR Agility and How Ericsson is Empowering Connection in the “Next Normal”

During this global crisis, their innovation is evening more significant in providing a backbone of support for their employees. Join us in this webinar as Culture Leaders from both Ericsson Singapore and Philippines share their programs and best practices in keeping a robust and productive workforce through challenges and business success, and envision the future […]

Re-imagining Healthy Workplaces in Asia

A PATHw Regional Round Table INTRODUCTION: Tyler Thorpe Senior Consultant, Great Place To Work SESSION 1: Into The Looking Glass: Key Issues & Challenges MODERATOR: Julien Remond, CEO, Awakened Mind In support of Migraine Awareness Week, leaders will discuss the economic burden, top issues and challenges when it comes to migraine and mental health.   Economic […]

Self-Leadership in Times of Crisis

Self-Leadership in Times of Crisis

As part of our Better Together webinar series, Great Place to Work® had the privilege of inviting Andrew Bryant, a global thought leader and author of two books on self-leadership share his guidance in a webinar, Self-Leadership in Times of Crisis with our clients in the Asia community a week ago. We tapped on Bryant’s […]

Work in Progress: Why Listening to Your Employees is Critical Right Now

Great Place to Work® data indicates that companies that created an inclusive culture for women, people of color, hourly male workers, long-tenured employees, and front-line workers fared much better during the 2008 recession than those who did not. This week on Work In Progress, Ed Frauenheim, Senior Director of Content, and Julian Lute, Strategic Adviser, […]

Supporting Employee Well-being During COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought about great changes for all of us – as employees, family members and individuals. Great Workplaces recognize this and pro-actively create ways to provide support and connection for their employees, wherever they may be located and whatever changing conditions they may be working in. Join us for a webinar to learn about […]

April 17: Well-Being & Mental Health

This edition of Together was devoted to the subject of mental health. The coronavirus crisis has made mental health a major concern for Americans and people across the globe. Fully 45 percent of American adults say the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their mental health, with 19 percent reporting that it has had a “major impact.” Great Place […]

April 10: Layoffs & Furloughs

We are all in this COVID-19 crisis together. And a collective crisis requires collective solutions. Join us for a weekly as we publish videos to make sense of this unprecedented time for our organizations. Great Place to Work® leaders will convene a call every Friday for the next several weeks to work through the uncertainty […]

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