8 Highly Effective Practical Ways to Boost Company Pride

Company pride can be a competitive advantage, helping to motivate and retain employees. Here’s how to cultivate it.  One of the most overlooked drivers of engagement, retention and advocacy, hides in plain sight: pride.  When an individual reflects on how much they like their job, things like growth opportunities or colleagues might come to mind. […]

Regional Focus: Frontline Leaders at the Forefront

Frontline leaders are identified as a group of employees that play a critical role at the workplace. Their work involves managing teams of employees, translating the organization’s strategy to rank and file and motivating employees to ensure that it gets implemented. Great Place to Work® recognizes the important role frontline leaders play and companies that […]

Purpose at Work Predicts if Employees Will Stay or Quit Their Jobs

In a Gartner article revealing how workplaces will change over the next decade, it describes the future direction of a workplace may be one where employees will work for purpose and passion, not just money. An article taken from our 2021 insights report uncovers that a sense of purpose is one key aspect of employee […]

A conversation with boxgreen and TC Acoustic: 2 SMEs share how they build a high-trust team and what being Certified™ means to them

Workplace Culture Masterclass series In our final instalment of Workplace Culture Masterclass, Great Place to Work® turned the spotlight onto two of our Certified™ Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Co-founder of Boxgreen Walter Oh, and Christian Honegger, CEO of TC Acoustic shared with Lily Wong, Great Place to Work Singapore’s Sales Lead, on the importance […]

6 Essential Leadership Skills for Workplace Success

In our series of blogs about frontline managers, we identified the experience gap between frontline managers and senior executives, and shared how some great workplaces help them acquire the critical knowledge and skills, so they can thrive at the workplace.  We highlighted in these articles how these managers play a critical role in the workplace […]

5 Pivotal Manager Moments That Make or Break Employee Experience

In our recent blog, we highlighted the experience gap between frontline managers and senior executives. These frontline managers or first line supervisors have a significant impact on an employee’s morale and workplace experience. They are often the linchpin for the success or failure of policies, programs and initiatives being implemented. Companies that are able to […]