What Culture Audit Revealed About Medtronic’s People-First Leadership

A great place to work is one where you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people that you work with. Our selection of Best Workplaces always begins with the employee experience, measured by the results of our Employee Trust Index© Survey across 60 survey statements. We […]

Building High-Trust Culture in Times of Crisis: The One PCF Culture

Building High Trust Culture the ONe PCF Response

Professionalism, commitment, fortitude, integrity – these core values guided PAP Community Foundation (PCF) like shining stars in their holistic approach to safely manage the pandemic for their 8,000 staff, 40,000 children at 360 facilities and senior care at seven senior care centres across Singapore. They take care of the youngest, as well as the most […]

How Cadence Supported Employee Mental Health in a Year of Crises

Cadence is about as high tech as it gets, but people power enabled the company to navigate a challenging 2020.  San Jose, Calif.-based Cadence provides software, hardware and services used by other technology firms to produce the computer chips and other building blocks found in phones, computers, automobiles and a host of other everyday products.  But a high-trust culture of collaboration was critical to the way Cadence and its 8,700 […]

6 Tips For Better Communication With Remote Teams

People-first leaders in Singapore ask and seek for answers to questions like how do we keep remote employees engaged? For companies like Cadence, a multinational electronic design automation software and engineering services company, and Salesforce, a customer relationship management service provider, the transition to working remotely was largely smooth as many employees already had the technology […]

Building High-Trust Culture in Times of Crisis: The Certis Response

Despite the immense challenges in 2020, Great Place To Work Singapore have worked with leaders from homegrown organizations in Singapore. These thought leaders alongside their leadership team conducted the Great Place To Work survey right in the midst of the pandemic because they want to hear straight from their people how they are doing and […]

Golden Handcuffs: What Employee Survey Responses Reveal About Burnout

While the immediate response to COVID-19 focused on employees’ physical health and safety and job and financial security, Best Workplaces quickly understood that they also needed to do more to keep colleagues connected virtually and to support the wellness and resilience of employees and their families. When employees feel genuinely cared for and see that […]

Job Seekers Are 4.5x More Likely To Find a Great Boss at a Certified Great Workplace

How Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies outpace the average U.S. workplace 95% of job candidates say reputation is a major factor when considering a job offer. This should be music to the ears’ of Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies. According to our research, Certified™ companies can boast about having better bosses, fairer paths to promotions and […]

How to Fix a Major Cause of Employee Burnout

How to Fix a Major Cause of Employee Burnout

The COVID-19 has introduced new normal practices such as mandatory work-from-home and split team arrangements, leading to drastic changes to an individual’s work-environment. Given this situation, the concern surrounding mental health in Singapore has been the highlight of a recent tripartite advisory on mental well-being at workplaces issued by Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore National […]

How World’s Best Workplace DHL Deepened Its Commitment To Community in 2020

Sending and receiving has not been easy with this global health crisis, and trusted services like DHL’s have become even more valuable to people and companies all over the world. The extension of MCO in Malaysia has affected some of DHL’s employees but it did not stop them from providing excellent service to its people. […]

Leaping Forward: Empowering a More Connected World with Ericsson

“Our purpose is to empower an intelligent, sustainable and connected world. For more than a century, we have been putting smart tools in the hands of people in every sector of our society, creating intelligent technologies that drive positive change. We remain committed to this effort, leaving no one behind.” -Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, […]