12 Benefits of Getting Great Place to Work-Certified™

Giving employers a recruiting advantage is just one benefit of the certification process.  For HR leaders, there are few milestones that hold so much pride as becoming Great Place to Work-Certified™. It signals to the world that they have created a company culture that employees love. And when you become Certified, you earn more than just […]

A Conversation with DHL:<br>DHL’s Journey in Developing its People

Workplace Culture Masterclass series “Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.” DHL Express Singapore continues to keep its people focus on the forefront, but the journey in doing so did not happen overnight. Recognized as a leader in the logistics industry, […]

The Great Place to Work® Customer Success Team Reveal

Meet Denise, Mira, Isabelle, Mei-Shaan, Maggie and Pranav, the team that is present for companies when they embark and complete their Great Place to Work certification journey. The work mantra that they live by: a high regard for customer success and meeting the needs of companies during their certification process. Often perceived as a serious […]

3 Things Managers Must Do Now To Increase Engagement & Beat the Great Resignation

There is a significant body of scientific research behind the measures of well-being and the psychological constructs. At the same time, there is a bit of ‘art’ in the way that managers and employers can address the collective and individual needs in the workplace. Rick SmithEMPLOYEE WELL-BEING IN THE NEW WORKPLACE : How Singapore’s Best […]

Well-being is Now an Essential Benefit for the Best Workplaces in New York

Image: Sisense employees celebrating Pride Month. In our recently published Insights Report, we have shared that 17% more employees in SG Best companies say they have special and unique benefits as compared with those among the other companies (“SG Rest”). This does not mean that companies need to have an infinite list of benefits, but […]

A Conversation with Signify: 5 insights on Psychological Safety in a Great Workplace

Workplace Culture Masterclass series “Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.” It is no easy feat for Signify Singapore, a company of less than 100 employees to have 93 per cent of its employees say that it is a psychologically and […]

#BreakTheBias: Building a More Gender Inclusive Workplace

#BreaktheBias IWD 2022

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, Great Place to Work® delves into our Emprising survey statistics and asks: “What kind of gender bias can arise from an employee’s viewpoint and what are some indicators of gender bias that employers and employees alike can be aware of?” Great Place to Work’s MD, Evelyn Kwek […]

The Great Place to Work®️ Singapore<br>Staff Team Reveal

Who are the committed and fun-loving individuals who drive the hustle, the bustle and the grind at Great Place to Work®? In the first of a series of team introductions, they share how they thrive and excel in Great Place to Work’s high-trust workplace culture. Meet Lleufer Sinsua and Kathi-Lyn Ong, the dynamic duo of […]

Transform Your Employee Experience for Hybrid Work In 7 Steps

In a Singapore Business Review article, they share that 78% of employees in Singapore were leaning towards a hybrid schedule. Only 12% prefer to work from the office all the time, and only 10% want to work remotely full-time. If this is any indication of what the future of work looks like, hybrid workplaces are […]

Hybrid Workplaces are Here to Stay – Are You Ready?

When the Covid pandemic started and employees transited to work-from-home arrangements en masse, workplaces rushed to transform their SOPs and daily operations to ensure that businesses could continue to run smoothly with a mostly remote workforce. Employees’ daily work routines were disrupted, and many individuals had to wear multiple hats tending to the needs of […]

How to Create an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace: 5 Tips for Leaders

Even with the Great Resignation or Great Reshuffle on the horizon, a whopping 9 in 10 employees in SG Best Companies say they want to stay in their company for a long time. In our previous article on meaningful connections, we share that in the employee survey statement “I can be myself around here”, 90% […]

Sense of Purpose: More than “Just a Job”

A sense of purpose refers to experiencing fulfilment, meaning and progress at work. In a research study conducted by Great Place to Work® in partnership with Johns Hopkins University on How to Promote Employee Well-being in the Workplace: Global Study, sense of purpose was identified as one of the key aspects of employee well-being. Organizations […]