Discover the 11 Exclusive Benefits of Being Great Place To Work Certified

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Transforming the workplace into a sanctuary of growth and camaraderie is the goal of every HR leader, and receiving the Great Place To Work Certification™ is a testament to this pursuit. The Certification is not just another feather in your cap, but a powerful tool that can catapult your company’s reputation and success, as some of our senior leaders shared. How does it add to the overall company culture and business profitability? Here are some of the observations to help you push the case for a strong culture.

1. Attract the Cream of the Crop and Elevate Job Offer Acceptance Rate
“Great Place To Work Certification was the deciding factor in my choice to join IDOC,” shared Nella Gonzalez, Human Resources Manager at IDOC. In Singapore, a strong company culture is not just desirable, but expected by job seekers. The Certification validates an employer’s promise of a conducive workplace, assuring candidates that current employees endorse the company culture and leadership.

Kevin Neo, Vice President Commercial APAC (excluding China & Japan), Advanced Sterilization Products Singapore, says, “From a business perspective, Great Place to Work® is a great way for us to express to potential new hires what they can expect from our company and culture. It’s a globally recognized brand with a Certification process that’s backed by research and honest feedback by employees – so candidates know they can trust it.

Candidates are drawn to workplaces with great company culture, and we offer that at ASP Singapore. The Great Place To Work badge shows job hunters that our staff approve of our leadership, values, and goals. It signifies that our people like showing up for work and feel empowered to perform their best every day, and we’re here to support them both in the office and at home.

From an employee perspective, the familiar red badge is proof that people love working for the company and our team feels the distinction and pride of working for a Great Place To Work winner, and that pride is evident in our successful and collaborative approach to serving the communities in which we live and work across the APAC region.”

2. Gauge and Enhance your Company Culture using Precise Metrics
The Certification primarily hinges on your Trust Index™ survey results, the gold standard in measuring employee experience. This survey offers you a comprehensive analysis of your company culture, providing insights into areas like perceived fairness, feelings of belonging, and perception of leadership.

3. Flaunt your Badge of Distinction “We prominently feature our Certification across all platforms, from our Teams background to our monthly associate surveys,” says Heidi Burns, VP, Marketing and Originations Development at Flagship Credit Acceptance. Your digital Certification badge is a testament to your achievement and a constant reminder to employees, partners, and the public of your commitment to creating an excellent work environment.

4. Qualify for Prestigious Company Culture Awards
Once you’re Great Place To Work Certified, you’re automatically in the running for our Best Workplaces lists, including accolades such as Singapore Best Workplaces™ in Technology, Singapore Best Workplaces™ in Healthcare & Biopharma, and many more.

5. Get Featured on our Website
Each Certified company gets a dedicated profile page on the Great Place To Work website, allowing you to showcase your company details and any other recognition earned.

6. Foster Employee Pride
“Our Certified company culture is the lifeblood of our organization,” reveals Salesforce. Certification boosts pride and loyalty among your employees, reinforcing their sense of being part of a remarkable journey.

7. Reaffirm your Company Values and Culture
Heidi explains, “When you consistently remind your team members about the greatness of your workplace, they will strive to sustain and enhance this greatness.” Promoting your Certification among employees reinforces your company’s mission, values, and culture, thereby emphasizing that you put people first.

Daphne Ong, VP, Human Resources, Asia Pacific at Boston Scientific shares, ”Our culture fosters diversity and inclusion as everyone can be themselves and bring their whole authentic selves to work. We love taking pride in what we do and making a difference in our patients’ lives. We know that Boston Scientific Singapore is indeed a Great Place To Work.” 

8. Become a Part of a Community of Stellar Workplaces Certification places you in the league of the World’s Best Workplaces, giving you an invitation to the virtual nationwide office party on Certification Nation Day, where you can celebrate your achievements and network with like-minded companies globally.

9. Meet the Expectations of Shareholders, Customers, and other Stakeholders
Companies demonstrating sustainable and fair business practices are increasingly favored by investors and stakeholders. As GBCA’s CEO Davina Rooney states, “Organizations that are purpose-led with people aligned for that purpose are more successful and their people lead happier lives.” Certification acts as a third-party validation of your commitment to your employees.

Ruth Tan, Head of HR, AstraZeneca Singapore agrees that achieving this certification has definitely enhanced their employer branding and employee value proposition, enabling the company to retain and attract top talent. “We believe our people are our greatest strengths and our ambition is to become a great place to be, a place where employees can thrive, grow and realize their potential.”

10. Celebrate as a Team Employee recognition has been proven to boost employee retention, engagement, and perceptions of fairness. Your Certification is a cause for celebration and a great opportunity to express gratitude to your employees.

11. Foster Goodwill and Employee Trust Many companies find that involving employees in a survey about their workplace experience creates goodwill. When the executive team focuses on creating a great workplace culture and continues to gather employee feedback, employees understand that their wellbeing is a top priority.

Certification is the beginning, with the recognition as the tip of the iceberg for any company. Make your employees proud, recruit top talent, and find gaps in your HR policies. Discover how to get Certified on our website or check out our Get Certified webinar happening soon on 7 June.

Claire Hastwell

Claire Hastwell

Claire is our Content Marketing Manager. Claire works with Great Place to Work data and company culture experts to distil the psychology of high-trust workplaces. Claire co-authored the Women in the Workplace report and her profiles of Best Workplaces™ have featured in Fortune. When Claire’s not sifting through our 28+ years of survey data, she’s rolling out her yoga mat or daydreaming about her next U.S. road trip.

Daphne Lee

Daphne believes in building community-relatable content, telling stories through narratives that add value in today’s workplace and in culture-building. Her idea of a great workplace is one that thrives on openness, support and inclusivity while building trust and working towards a common business growth and purpose. A journalist, she spent 15 years writing for trade publications, lifestyle magazines and broadsheet supplements. Daphne was also active in the Parent Support Group of her daughters’ school, chairing the volunteer-run committee for 3 years. A mum of two teenagers and two adopted dogs, she enjoys riding on her trusty bicycle to discover new sights and sounds in Singapore.

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To be eligible for the World’s Best Workplaces list, a company must apply and be named to a minimum of 5 national Best Workplaces lists within our current 58 countries, have 5,000 employees or more worldwide, and at least 40% of the company’s workforce (or 5,000 employees) must be based outside of the home country. Extra points are given based on the number of countries where a company surveys employees with the Great Place to Work Trust Index©, and the percentage of a company’s workforce represented by all Great Place to Work surveys globally. Candidates for the 2017 Worlds Best Workplaces list will have appeared on national workplaces lists published in September 2016 through August 2017.