Building High-Trust Culture in Times of Crisis: The One PCF Culture

Building High Trust Culture the ONe PCF Response
Building High Trust Culture the ONe PCF Response

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Professionalism, commitment, fortitude, integrity – these core values guided PAP Community Foundation (PCF) like shining stars in their holistic approach to safely manage the pandemic for their 8,000 staff, 40,000 children at 360 facilities and senior care at seven senior care centres across Singapore. They take care of the youngest, as well as the most vulnerable members of Singapore’s society. Yet, like other certified companies, it is at this time that their employee survey scores have actually improved. Asked about the secret to this success, Mr Victor Bay, CEO of the largest preschool in Singapore shared:

“There are no secrets in the sauce in fact all the ingredients are readily available in all your organization and all that we need to do, just like whipping up a good meal, you have to have the right combination of ingredients, the right amount of seasoning, you got to have the right intensity of fire or the heat, and you got to have a team of many dedicated pairs of hands.”

This animated description of their heart and leadership within the organization has such inspiring resonance to the workplace culture that they have built. The leadership team has tirelessly worked on this ONE PCF culture for years aligning the hearts and minds of their staff during “peace time”. Mr Bay was a banker turned CEO, and rightfully so, he explained this like a bank credit, that when crisis hits in an extraordinary, non-routine situation, there is sufficient credit for them to draw out from. Continuous engagement, communication and alignment to their vision – the whole idea is to have the entire organization to come together as one.

It has indeed shown in the responses of their employees, not just in their employee survey, but also in real life scenarios, as one Mr Bay recounts:

“We had a situation whereby our foreign colleagues when they returned home especially those from China, from the holidays at the onset of the pandemic, and they were unceremoniously evicted by their landlord, and we had to frantically look for alternative accommodations. Whether it’s large or small accommodations provided, they were quite reluctant to take our colleagues. So when words get around about our helpless colleagues, some staff actually suit up and offer to share rooms.”

This simple yet commendable and heroic acts of compassion from their colleagues, reflects the kind of trust that they have built around the organization throughout the years. Though not headline grabbing this story always brings a smile to the very proud CEO’s face.

People-First Measures

PCF implemented additional precautionary measures to ensure the safety and security of children and seniors, addressed concerns of parents and families and went the extra mile to assist foreign colleagues who were stranded overseas due to flight cancellations and border restrictions.

Concerned about increased stress, longer hours and added workflows, they committed to supporting total employee well-being, encompassing financial, psychological, emotional, physical and environmental aspects.

A one-off special bonus was given to all staff in recognition of their significant efforts in the face of staffing restrictions, sixteen professional cleaning contractors were engaged to regularly disinfect all premises for peace of mind, and PCF senior managers sent weekly, personal encouragement notes to staff which prompted staff to reply with their own encouragement of the leaders. A PCF Yammer channel was initiated for staff to share words of support and inspirational stories.

Their commitment to all their staff was commendable. For staff stranded overseas, they even revised their group hospitalization and surgical coverage to remove geographical limitations in the event that they needed medical attention.

Not forgetting the community, They invested nearly $13 Million through measures such as fee rebates, waivers, relief packages and care packs for thousands of Singapore families.

PCF is a sparkling gem to its employees and stakeholders, and we are proud to rank them among the 2020 Best Workplaces!

Watch the full panel interview of Mr. Victor Bay together with two other distinguished thought leaders from the frontlines.

Hosted by our very own Managing Director, Evelyn Kwek, and moderated by our Global CEO straight from Oakland California, Michael Bush, this panel discussion brought to you by Cadence Design System, is truly one of value.

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