11 Characteristics of an Employer of Choice

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In our recent Case Study with foodpanda, we had noted that a strong sense of purpose is a strong predictor of an employee’s intent to stay with their company and of a great workplace experience.

In this article, we share 11 characteristics employees value most in their employer. We end off this article with practical steps people-first leaders can take to create a great experience for people.

Here’s our list of the workplace features employees’ value most:

1. Career Growth

One of the main reasons people leave an organization is for a growth opportunity. Whether that’s taking a position with more responsibility or one that uses a different set of skills; people want to evolve in their positions.

2. Meaningful Work

Promotions and lateral moves aren’t always possible so that’s where stimulating and challenging work assignments are important. Stretching employees to reach their potential without creating too much stress is a balancing act though. When jobs become too routine you risk bored or apathetic employees while too much challenge creates stress and burnout.

3. Appreciation and Recognition

Recognizing employees for the hard work they do is essential. No one wants to feel taken for granted or have their contributions go unnoticed. Developing a strong performance management system will help ensure your people feel valued and appreciated all the time.

4. Work-Life Balance

It can’t be said enough – refreshed, relaxed, balanced people are the most productive and satisfied. Professional and personal goals are not mutually exclusive, and the most desirable workplaces offer a wide range of programs and practices that support their employees’ personal needs.

5. Strong Leaders

Trusted organizational leadership is highly valued. It sets the tone for respectful deliberation when it comes to mission, vision, strategy and decision making. Employees feel secure when they trust leaders will make sound business decisions and that the work being done is purposeful.

6. Fairness

People are very perceptive when it comes to fair treatment, and they choose to work where they trust equity is a strongly held value. Things like favouritism and policies that don’t apply equally to everyone create a lot of discord and lead to good people leaving an organization. This concept applies to internal as well as external practices and by attending to both, you will create a much healthier and robust workplace.

7. Access to Information

When employees feel ‘in the know’ they understand they are part of something bigger than just their job description. This is motivating and exciting and something that people are actively looking for from their employer. Open communication and transparency are vital to become a workplace of choice.

8. Empowerment

Employees desire to be involved in decisions and they want to be trusted to take responsibility for how they complete their work and to influence how work is generally done. Things like bureaucracy and micromanagement detract from the workplace and leave people feeling stuck with no space to grow and develop. Look for ways to get people involved in big and little decisions on a daily basis.

9. Strong Reputation

An organization that is highly respected within the industry or the region is naturally a place where people want to work. You can build on your strong reputation within the community by ensuring employee experience matches what they expect once they begin working for you. This consistency will help you maintain a strong reputation and create a positive feedback loop for new and potential employees.

10. Community Involvement

Strong corporate citizenship is very appealing to potential employees. This includes ethical practices, sustainability initiatives, and social responsibility. People feel great when they know they are working for an organization that gives back and gets involved.

11. Fun!

Beyond fitting in, people want to have fun at work. They typically spend upwards of eight hours per day with their colleagues so it’s important that the culture and atmosphere make room for celebration and enjoyment. Feeling like you work with friends everyday creates a much more pleasant and stress-free workplace, making room for great conversation, problem solving and synergy.

Being an employer of choice takes some planning and a strategic approach. Ultimately though, it comes down to your culture: Are you fair, honest, respectful and fun? Do your people trust you to make solid decisions and have their best interests at heart? Are you value-driven and consistent? These are the types of practices that employees look for when deciding where they want to work. And each of these underpins great workplaces and strong cultures.

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