GRowing In Tech

an exciting mentorship programme for women in Technology that aims to promote knowledge sharing in the Technology space and cultivate culture ambassadors.

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

Steven Spielberg

Technology is a ubiquitous facet of our everyday life, but we are not all represented equally in tech professions.

Globally, women fill fewer than a third of roles in technologies and our share is not growing[1].
In a post pandemic world, women are still under-represented in the STEM workforce. 

If technology is the primary catalyst for change in the world, then equal women representation in this sector is critical. We need the voice and perspectives of women when solving today’s complex issues. 

GRIT - GRowing In Technology

In line with this aim, Great Place to Work® is launching a Women Mentorship Program – GRIT. Partnering with senior women executives from our Best Workplaces, we recognize that not all women leaders in the Tech sector have access to the resources, mentorship and culture that women executives in Best Workplaces have.

To mentor women leaders in companies aspiring to be Certified™, share experiences, broaden mentees’ network and support them in growing their careers in the Tech space.

How does it


Role of Mentor-Co

    • Selected group of up to 6 Tech Best Workplaces invited to be part of this program. Companies are selected based on a strong Women in Tech program that they currently run.


    • Each company invited to nominate up to 5 women executives who have a desire to pay it forward and mentor up to 2 individuals for a period of 12 months.


  • Mentor expected to spend approx. an hour a month with each mentee.

Role of Mentee-Co

  • This program is open to all women executives working in the Technology sector in Singapore.
      • The applicant should ideally have supervisory responsibility and work in a company which is not yet Certified, but keen on building a positive workplace culture.

Role of
Great Place to Work

    • Great Place to Work® will take on the role of program secretariat, facilitating the pairing of mentors to mentees and ensure the smooth running of this program.

  • Successful mentee organization will receive a complimentary 30-min session with one of our senior culture coaches to learn about what it takes to build great workplaces.

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The goals of this program is to support high-potential mentees working in the tech space to grow and develop both professionally and personally. We believe the mentee will find value in a mentoring relationship with a seasoned women executive, a safe space for them to share and grow. 

The executive who will best benefit from this program will possess these characteristics:

  1. A keen desire to grow professionally and personally as a woman leader in the Tech sector
  2. Respectful of the time and efforts of the mentor, remembering that this is a voluntary role that the mentor is taking on in addition to their professional roles and responsibilities
  3. Take responsibility and will come to each session with the mentor prepared, with an agenda
  4. Is willing to be open and will take responsibility for her own learning

Since the role of the mentor is to support the growth and development of the mentee, we envision the mentor spending time with the mentee over a 12-month period. The intent is to share their professional and leadership experience and provide a safe space and sounding board for mentees, including.

This is a 12-month program, projected to start in January 2023 and end in December 2023. 

It is envisioned that the mentor-mentee will spend about an hour each month, connecting either virtually or in-person. The goals of the program are

  1. Share professional experience in the Tech Sector
  2. Support mentees in developing their leadership abilities
  3. Understand mentees professional goals and capabilities required to meet these goals
  4. Learn how to build strong teams and a positive team culture

Note: GPTW will provide a Mentorship Conversation Guide as a reference for mentors and mentees

For any enquiries, please contact Great Place To Work’s GRIT program secretariat Mei Shaan: if you have further questions.

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