Great Place to Work Certified Singapore Nov-Oct 20-21

SAS Institute Pte Ltd


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SAS is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their data. A deep bench of analytics solutions and broad industry knowledge keep our customers coming back and feeling confident. With SAS, you can discover insights from your data and make sense of it all. Identify what’s working and fix what isn’t. Make more intelligent decisions. And drive relevant change.


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Employees say this is a great place to work

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“We may be located all over the world, but our employees share a passion for meaningful work, solving our customers problems and knowing our technology is making a positive change in the world.

– Jenn Mann, SAS Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer 

“Culture and values are shaped by people and it is the very people we work with that gives soul to an organization. Proud to be a part of SAS, where you’ll find a diverse team of exceptional talent, good people, at the heart of it all.

– Louis Teoh, SAS Singapore 

“It is a great blessing to work in this organization that Employee is the top priority in good or challenging time!

– Diana Lee, SAS Singapore 

“I recall as early as Feb 2020, whilst many were scrambling for face masks and sanitizers in the market, SAS Singapore already had them available in the office! As the pandemic intensified, social distancing was directed in the office and eventually within days, we were instructed to work from home. It was swift and decisive action. And during the WFH times, I even received a Care Pack consisting of snacks and a face mask! Such surprises don’t just come like that. It takes a Great Place To Work to do it, and I am lucky to be part of it. And most recently, we even had a day off! Wow!

With that, I like to say SAS’ compassionate and collaborative culture in Singapore is admirable and I feel extremely proud to work with many individuals who share SAS values of curiosity, passionate, accountable, authentic. Even in the current virtual work environment, members are simply a message or call away. Ever willing to engage, and to be on each other’s sides.

– Keith Teo, SAS Singapore 

“Proud to be a part of SAS. Love the positivity and passion that SAS people have in works.

– Hayley Hee, SAS Singapore 

“Privileged. This sums up the state of my mind of how it feels like working in SAS Institute Pte. Ltd.

I am in awe of the vibrant culture prevalent in the organization since so many years. I’ve always believed that the leadership needs to be honest, approachable and fair to allow sense of trust. In SAS, it is easier to follow the leader that I believe is honestly wanting the best for me, themselves and the whole organization. There are enough opportunities to display my talent and hence I have enough room for growth – professionally and personally. My family at home also believes that they are also a part of the large SAS family. At SAS, I enjoy a true balanced work and life environment.

Elated to be an integral part of a Great Place to Work!

– Hariharan Shankaranarayanan, SAS Singapore 

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To be eligible for the World’s Best Workplaces list, a company must apply and be named to a minimum of 5 national Best Workplaces lists within our current 58 countries, have 5,000 employees or more worldwide, and at least 40% of the company’s workforce (or 5,000 employees) must be based outside of the home country. Extra points are given based on the number of countries where a company surveys employees with the Great Place to Work Trust Index©, and the percentage of a company’s workforce represented by all Great Place to Work surveys globally. Candidates for the 2017 Worlds Best Workplaces list will have appeared on national workplaces lists published in September 2016 through August 2017.